Horde Corp Bulletin

Step 1: Welcome to Horde Required Reading

Welcome to Pandemic Horde Inc we are new player friendly corporation with a heavy emphasis on providing PVP content. Our focus is to be a place where new players and existing players who are new to PVP can learn while at the same time provide an environment for PVP’ers where there is never a shortage of content.

We have a wide range of other activities available such as: exploration, faction warfare and wormholes ops. Information on these can be found in our forums and Youtube channel.

Every member of Horde is expected to have read the corp bulletin and complete the instructions marked in the title with Required Action or Required Reading. This ensures that our members can reach all the information sources and have access to our text and voice chat services.

The key to success in Horde as a new member is joining our fleets and asking questions. We’re a team and if you end up isolating yourself you will have a bad time!


Everyone who uses corp / alliance mails will get kicked from the corp, just don't do it. In a community as big as Horde it causes too much noise, if you want to share something post it on the forums. If people do send mails just wait for a director to purge, don't reply (ever).

Rules / Agreements:

Pandemic Horde is a Not Blue, Shoot it (NBSI) alliance. What does it means? It means that anyone that isn't blue or an alliance member is a valid target. However, we have agreements with some of our neighbours:

  • Structures from the Guardian of the Galaxy coalition, as well as our various frenemies (including but not limited to: [FEDS], [RANE], [SRSLY], [BFG]) in Cloud Ring and Pure Blind are out of bound. That means citadels, engineering complexes (ECs), player-owned starbases (POS), and player-owned custom offices (POCO) are to be left alone. If you have any doubt, asking a Horde Director before shooting a structure is a good idea.
  • Mining anomalies in Guardian of the Galaxy space are off limit (for both PvP and PvE). This agreement goes both ways.
  • Never use Alliance or Corp mails, using them or responding to them to everyone gets you removed from Horde and send on a small vacation for 7 days :).
  • Don't be a dick!

Step 2: The Director Team Optional

  • Travis Uchonela / Slumberg
  • AKA Independent Variable
  • Lorrie Cummings
  • Avaren Dias
  • Johnny Trousersnake
  • Kalbuir Skirate
  • Storm Delay
  • Tgl3
  • DJ LeadBoy
  • Gobbins

Step 3: Staging Systems Required Reading

Home System
Our current staging system is O-VWPB this is the starting point for the majority of our PVP fleets and local market.
PVE Regions
Since O-VWPB can be a very active system for PVP content if you want a more quiet place to rat / mine spread out over the surrounding areas instead. These locations offer a little more protection.

Step 4: Wardecs Required Reading

Youtube Version

If you don't like reading you can watch our our mini guide on Wardecs in EVE Online: Here

Text version

Because Horde is a newbie focussed corporation we will always be under war declaration from corps in highsec. This means you will never be safe in high-sec, this might sound scary to a new player but it isn’t a big deal if you know a bit about wardecs.

Highsec wardeccers will primarily hunt in well populated areas such as market hubs and trade routes, this is because they don’t just wardec Horde but a large part of New Eden. The obvious solution is to spend as little time in Highsec as possible as they will almost never leave this areas to fight their targets on even terms.

How to spot war targets

War Targets will show up with a specific icon on your overview and local chat window, watch for this icon:

Setup your local to spot war targets easily, like this:

How to move stuff safely in highsec

A guide on how to move your stuff safely in highsec can be found Here, it explains neutral hauler

Use our shipping services

We have shipping services from Jita to our home this means that you don’t have to bring in stuff yourself through highsec and risk being blown up by wartargets. Info about shipping services can be found on our forums: Here. You will need an account for this which we will setup in a later step.

Use insta dock and undock bookmarks
These bookmarks will make you harder to catch while docking and undocking from market hubs, they can be found in our corp bookmarks a small guide on insta docks and undocks can be found Here

Step 5: Overview & Brackets Required Action

Youtube Version

You can also watch our mini guide on setting up your overview and brackets Here.

Text version

Before you do anything it is important to set up your overview properly this will ensure there will be no friendly fire incidents with any of our allies.

  1. Click on this SaraShawa-Overview link in the corp chat channel and follow the instructions in the new channel that opens.
  2. Relog to ensure settings apply correctly! (DO NOT NEGLECT TO DO THIS!!!!).
To reset your overview do the following:
Always spot your enemies
With the settings below you will be sure to always spot people that have negative standings to Horde even if they are still in Horde:
Brackets in EVE will determine what you will see in in space, if you’re new to PVP it can be really confusing to not see certain things in space. Therefor we suggest you enable all brackets like this:
Mining on new Overview
Setup a seperate tab so you can see asteroids again if you want to go mining like this:

Step 6: Channels to join Required Action

We do not use Corp and Alliance chat because our allies are not in there, instead we use the following channels.

Important Channels:
  • plusten: Used as General Chat.
  • Newbeans: Our help channels, ask your questions here, no matter how basic.
  • Bean-Intel: Used to report intel.
Other Channels:
  • Horde Mining: Our channel for mining coordination and questions.
  • Join HORDE: Our public recruitment channel.

You can join all of these channels by once again clicking on the in-game links in the Corp chat channel.

Step 7: Travel to our home system Required Action

We advise all new members to NOT bring their belongings to our home base instead bring some ISK. For new players we’ll ensure you get setup with some new ships and skillbooks.

If you do want to bring in stuff use our shipping services, moving your own stuff is an easy way to lose it to wardeccers! They can be found on forums here .

There are two ways to get to our home system

Option 1 (advised!):
Youtube Version:

A detailed guide on how to quickly get to our home base can be found here.

Text Version:

Set your remote clone to "O-VWPB - Bean Staging" using the once in 365 days set home base option. It was introduced by CCP to allow new members of a corp to easily get to staging. In order to do this you need to be docked in a station with a clone bay.

  1. Right click this link: "O-VWPB - Bean Staging" in corp chat and select "Set Home Station". Like this
  2. Open up the clone bay and hit self destruct, in order to instantly travel to your new home. Like this
  3. If the station does not have a clone bay you can choose to undock in your pod and self destruct. Like this

Important: You will lose implants if you have them!

Option 2 (advised!):

Get in something cheap (rookie ship, frigate or shuttle) and jump to us manually this comes with a little extra risk due to wardecs being active in highsec and PVP happening in Lowsec. If you need to make a long trip consider changing your clone along the way so a death doesn't put you back at the start.

  1. Set your route to prefer shorter. Like this
  2. Set your destination to "O-VWPB".
  3. Start your travel and be carefull of gatecamps and war targets (video goes into this in detail).
  4. Once you reach the system set your clone in "O-VWPB - Bean Staging" set your clone by doing this inside the citadel.

Step 8: Creating a forum account Required Action

In order to get access to our services and forums which has many guides and other useful information you will require an account on our forums. You can find the forums here .

Important things!
  • Create a forum account EXACTLY matching your in-game name INCLUDING CORRECT CAPS AND SPACE.
  • if you have problems with this process ask for help in Newbeans channel!

Follow this infographic to create your forum account.

  • If you signed up with the wrong username have an admin delete your old account by PMing them on the forums, or alternatively change your email and recreate the account.
  • If your ingame name is too long as a username cut it off in a senseable way and notify a director.

Step 9: Service Configuration Required Action


Go to this page to setup services easily.

If your service password is not working reset it like this

10. Mumble Service (Voice Chat) Required Action

Mumble is the software we use for voice communication it is essential that you are able to listen in on mumble during our fleets! A microphone is optional but encouraged.

Setup Mumble:
  1. Download mumble here and install.
  2. Use the credentials on this to connect to mumble, be sure you use the Horde mumble!
  3. When the Wrong Certificate window comes up, fill in your service password again.

Infographic for setting up Mumble can be found here.

Setup Wisper Key:

In bigger fleets you often want to restrict voice comms to only your local channel as bigger fleets use multiple channels. Always use your wispher key else you might be disturbing FC's in global channels.

Instructions can be found here.

  1. Make sure you are using the right port, we have multiple Mumble servers and you will only have access to the “Horde" Server.
  2. Make sure you are using the correct username for Mumble, its listed on the top of the mumble section here.
  3. Make sure you are using the password you chose on the services page and not your forum password!

11. Discord Setup (Chat for Mobile and PC) Required Action

We use Discord to as out of game chat and “pings”. Pings are sent by FCs to tell members that fleets are forming or that important events are happening. You need to setup discord or you WILL miss content. If you wish to do so you can also download Discord for your Phone and always be up to date with what is going on. Discord on I-Tunes and Discord for Android.

  1. If you dont have a discord account create one first here, (its easier and less error prone to do it first than after)
  2. Download Discord if you dont have it here
  3. Make sure you are on a PC and not your phone! You will probably fuckup when you are on your phone.
  4. Go to our new Platform Square 2 and login then link your Discord account and join the server. We are currently swapping platforms so that's why there is yet another site sorry for that. If you are having issues please ask for help in Newbeans.

Additionally there are some discord channels you can ask access to if you are interested. If you want to be added to these channels ask "Kalbuir Skirate" on Discord

  1. Wormhole Scanners: Group for scanning wormhole chains in order to find content.
  2. Bomber Channel: General chat channel for bomber pilots in Horde.
  3. Games: Talk about other games than EVE Online, find people to play those games with.
  4. Industry & Seeding: Channel for market seeding and industry.
  5. Small Gang: Channel for organizing small gangs.
  6. Solo: Channel to talk about Solo PVP.
  7. Fightclub: Channel to talk about the Horde Fightclub an initiative that promote 1 vs 1 combat and mini horde tournaments.
  8. Fittings: Share, discuss and collaborate to make fittings for those interested. Should be a good way to learn about fitting as well!
  9. French: General chat channel in French.

12. Getting ships & Items in our staging systems Optional

New player Care Packages

If you are a new player we want you to have a care free experience in PVP and thus hook you up with Care Packages. To receive this package containing ships and skillbooks ask in our in-game channel Newbeans and someone from our helper group the NBI will assist you. If you are currently not paying for EVE Online (and thus have an Alpha clone) be sure to indicate this in your request so the NBI member can provide you with ships you can actually fly.

Corp contracts

Members of Horde seed corp contracts with complete fittings, you can find contracts in the contracts window here. Anyone is free to seed contracts to the corporation its a free market, markup might fluctuate between 15-50%.

Local Market

The local market is available in our home system and is being seeded by members in Horde.It's a free market meaning prices might not always be as cheap as you want them to be, if prices are too expensive considering making some ISK yourself by using the shipping services to bring a stack down.

Shipping Services

Shipping services are being provided by members of Horde. For more info check our forums

13. Skillplans Optional

We advise all members of Horde to at the very least train into our 14 day skillplan this ensures that you can fly our most basic doctrine. Additionally we offer safe skillplans from 14 to 90 days that build you a solid EVE character. If you wish to know how to plan your skills yourself or queue them up easily read this thread.

If you are an Alpha clone and are looking for skillplans please have a look at the following skillplans specifically designed for you:

14. Official Fits Optional

Official fits in Horde don't mean as much as in other EVE corporation any FC is free to call for ships and fleets outside our official ships / doctrine. The list functions as a summary of popular fits that have been agreed on by FCs and Directors. These fits are a good starting point if you wonder what you could seed on the market to help horde.

Our official fits can also be viewed in the ingame fittings window which you can open by pressing ALT + F, hitting browse and changing the dropdown to Corporation Fittings. Example here

To get an impression of what types of ships Horde flies and fleets we run check out the following link Official Fits

16. Corporation Bookmarks! Optional

It is important to note that there is a limit of 500 bookmarks per corporation in Eve. At this time we are very close to our limit.

Any member may make bookmarks but only those with special corporation roles may remove them. As such, to prevent Pandemic Horde from reaching the limit and being unable to further add new bookmarks, any bookmarks that are not labelled correctly, or are in incorrect folders or are clearly temporary (such as wormhole bookmarks that are several days old), may be subject to sudden deletion to preserve the corporation bookmark limit.

To help avoid a situation where we reach too many bookmarks and can no longer create more, it is important that all members, when creating bookmarks for themselves (such as salvage sites or exploration), ensure they are choosing from the drop down menu the folder: Personal Locations.

17. Zombeans Optional

Zombeans are Alpha Clone Caldari characters created on alt accounts used as a fast response force to protect our assets in empire space and for all around good fun. They will live in the system Perimeter, one jump out from Jita, and we will fly Caracal and Osprey fleets with Griffin and Blackbird support. Moas and Corms may also be used from time to time.

This is an important program within Pandemic Horde that will take little effort on your part to get set up and will greatly help the alliance. Creating a Zombean character will keep you from missing out on the fun and action. Read the Zombeans Creation Instructions and Skill Plan thread on the forums and follow the steps to make your Zombean.

18. Isk Making Ways & Activities Optional

Important Guides
Recordings of our classes can be found on the flightschool section of Square:
Horde Flightschool

Additionally below are some legacy classes that are very usefull
Alpha clone belt ratting options

The NBI hands out ratting ships for all 4 races below are youtube guides on how to use them. Ask in the newbeans channel to receive one. If you want to know how to make it to our ratting/mining area checkout this guide: here

If you want to know how to rat and mine safely watch this video!!!
PVE Activities / Guides (Player versus Environment)